McGillicuddy Achieves National CFOT(Certified Fiber Optic Technician) Certification

December 19, 2011

McGillicuddy Achieves National CFOT(Certified Fiber Optic Technician) Certification!!

We are pleased to report that David McGillicuddy the company’s President and General Manager has added the title of CFOT to his list of current industry certifications. David received his training  and certification from the industry leading and nationally recognized FOA(Fiber Optic Association).

New Study: Realtors Believe Installed Home Technologies Will Play an Important Role in Home Sales Within Five Years

August 16, 2011

Hi guys, just and interesting article I came across that validated our belief.   We have noticed marked increases in requests for some of these new automation features in dwellings in recent years.  If interested in hearing more about what we can do for you in this regard give us a call. I’d love to tell you.  Cool stuff. I can be reached at  617-786-VOLT(8658).  Thanks, Dave


CEA Study Finds Most Realtors Believe Installed Home Technologies Will Play an Important Role in Home Sales Within Five Years


Most realtors have encountered homes with installed technologies. In fact, in the past 24 months 9 in 10 realtors have been involved in buying, selling, or showing of a home with technology ranging from more established systems such as monitored security (93%) and home theater pre-wire/system (89%) to newer technologies like home automation/management systems (54%) and energy management systems (51%).

Realtors are not just encountering home technologies, but over half of the realtors report they are excited by these homes and believe their clients’ enthusiasm for technology mirrors their own with almost two-thirds of Realtors stating their clients are excited to see technologies in homes.

The survey of 1,793 Realtors who were members of the National Association of Realtors in April, sought to understand realtors’ experiences with homes which have installed technologies and their perception of the technology.

There is a strong relationship between home technologies and the real estate market. While the market needs to recover before home technologies play a more important role in home sales,” stated Rhonda Daniel, “The industry can help prepare realtors to be comfortable in discussing these types of systems with their clients. The ideal goal for CE industry is to have knowledgeable realtors who are excited and open to promoting technology as a selling feature of homes.”

Half of realtors expressed interest in learning more about installed home technologies. While the market needs to recover before technologies play a more important role in home sales, efforts should begin to educate realtors. According to Daniel, “Manufacturers and electronic systems contractors (ESCs) should be laying the ground work now to take advantage of the eventual upswing in the real estate market. Educating realtors on the benefits, value and functionalities of installed technologies now will demonstrate that the CE industry can be a trusted partner to equip them with the knowledge they are lacking.

The study, “Realtors and Home Technologies,” was designed and formulated by CEA Market Research, the most comprehensive source of sales data, forecasts, consumer research, and historical trends for the consumer electronics industry. Please cite any information to the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). The complete study is available free to CEA member companies at members.CE.org. Non-members may purchase the study at the CEA Store.


Article published in EC&M Magazine on Aug 15, 2011

McGillicuddy presents to eager kids during “Community Helpers Week”

May 26, 2011

David McGillicuddy, Master Electrician and President of McGillicuddy Electrical Services of Braintree, MA discusses the role Electricians play in our daily lives to  pre-kindergartners’ at Braintree After School Enrichment in Braintree, MA during their “Community Helpers Week”. McGillicuddy discussed the importance of electrical safety in the home and introduced the class to commonly used tools of the trade.

Kids learn the role of a electrician during "Community Helper Week"

McGillicuddy Electrical Services Donated Auction Item Takes Top Spot at 2011 Annual Televised B.A.S.E Auction.

May 24, 2011

McGillicuddy Electrical Services donated auction of an “Electrician for a Day” took in the top spot at 2011 Annual B.A.S.E Auction. Fahy Construction also based out of Braintree, Ma was the winning bidder. Thank you Fiacra Fahy for supporting this wonderful program and congratulations.

Want to win an “ELECTRICIAN FOR A DAY”?

February 10, 2011

Would you like to win an “ELECTRICIAN/s FOR A DAY”?

This Sunday, 2/13/2011, Braintree After School Enrichment (B.A.S.E) is holding their 11th annual auction to support their efforts and McGillicuddy Electrical Services has donated ‘an Electrician for a Day’ to the cause.  Much like the ownership and staff at B.A.S.E, McGillicuddy Electrical Services’ staff pride themselves on their utmost professionalism, their commitment to the client and the community. 

What is an ‘Electrician/s for a Day’?

McGillicuddy Electrical Services’ ‘Electrician for a Day’ donation is comprised of up to 8 man-hours or one day of labor/time only (A $600 value).  The ‘Electrician/s for a day’ can be used stand-alone or put toward any larger project you may have in mind. Furthermore you have an entire year to redeem ‘The electrician/s for a day’ if you’re not quite ready for us now.  To find out how McGillicuddy Electrical Services superior electrical service, installation, and electrical design capabilities can help you please visit www.mcgillicuddyelectric.com.

Remember- you can’t win if you don’t bid!    

How to Place Your Bid

It’s easy to place your tax-deductible bid:  This Sunday, 2/13/2011,  be sure to call 781-794-8066  between 12 – 5 PM or go down to Braintree Town Hall to bid in person.  You may also watch the 11th Annual Braintree After-School Enrichment Program (B.A.S.E.) on Braintree Cablevision.  If you live in Braintree you can watch the live event on CHANNEL 10 if you have COMCAST, if you have BELD CHANNEL 18, or if you have VERIZON CHANNEL 26.  Don’t Miss Out! 

What are some things you could use the ‘Electrician for a Day’ for?

Most people have electrical work that needs to be done in their home or business: a Ceiling fan installed, new sconces, recessed lighting, data lines, service equipment upgrades, ballasts repaired, etc.  Please visit www.mcgillicuddyelectric.com to see McGillicuddy Electrical Services’ full range of or residential and commercial capabilities.  While your on the site be sure check out some of the pictures of our work, read about our approach, our management bios and some customer (residential and commercial) testimonials.  McGillicuddy Electrical Services has earned an A Rating and Accredited Business Status from the Better Business Bureau and serves the South Shore, Boston, and Metro West areas.  

What is B.A.S.E.?

B.A.S.E. provides before and after school programming in a safe, healthy, environment.  Donations to B.A.S.E and money raised through this auction will be used to support ongoing efforts, develop new programs, and to fund the Roselyn Karll Memorial Scholarship, which will be given to a Braintree senior pursuing a degree in Early Childhood Education.  To learn more about the wonderful work B.A.S.E. does in your community and to see a FULL list of auction items please visit www.basekids.org.

Thank you for your consideration in supporting B.A.S.E. and for your interest in McGillicuddy Electrical Services.  McGillicuddy Electrical Services’ tagline is “Professional People, Installation and Results” but it’s more than a tagline– it’s a promise!

Best Regards,

David S. McGillicuddy – President & Master Electrician

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