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Electricity. Electrical work residential or commercial encompasses a wide range of specialties from decorative indoor and landscape lighting design for your home or business to intricate lighting controls, and complex heating and utility systems.  Servicing an industry so complex requires a level of expertise that can only be met by experienced professionals.

McGillicuddy Electrical Services LLC is proficient at reading and implementing complex plans and we also always conduct ourselves in the utmost professional manner.  We are skilled professionals who understand the importance of projecting a positive image with everything that we do (our trucks, our personal appearance, our work, our language, our manners, and the promise that we will leave the site in the same or better condition than we found it).  We understand that the work we do and the way we conduct ourselves is often viewed by the client as a reflection on you.  By hiring McGillicuddy Electrical Services LLC you can be confident to know that we will meet or exceed the expectations of you and your client.

Plumbing Contractors – Who wires your boilers, water heaters, and control equipment?  McGillicuddy Electrical Services LLC has a very experienced staff trained in all different heating systems from the most basic to the new high efficiency heating systems (i.e. Burnham, Weil-McClain, Buderus…).  We are proficient in current Carbon Monoxide laws and versed in Gas, Oil, and systems which is something not all electrical contractors can claim.  We take the time to layout our connections ensuring that our final product complements your installation and looks professional.

Landscape Installation & Design Companies – Landscaping lighting can dramatically accentuate your client’s landscaping by improving the appeal and ambiance of the space.  Electrical design and voltage line integrity is the key dynamic design component and the McGillicuddy Electrical Services LLC staff is skilled in this engineering calculation.

McGillicuddy Electrical Services LLC provides professionally installed landscape lighting (line and low voltage), and power distribution to other exterior loads (i.e. pumping equipment waterfalls, fish ponds, receptacles, …).  We have experience designing and installing professional grade landscape lighting systems by CAST as well as other quality lighting manufacturers.

Landscape lighting done correctly can give you new usable outdoor living space that you never knew you had.  Remember, it’s never to early or late to start thinking about a landscaping project!  See for more information, and design ideas.

Computer Network Providers – We are proficient in the installation of Cat5e, and Cat6 data drops and hub terminations.  We not only install the lines and equipment but we perform line integrity test to ensure everything works perfectly.

Real Estate Agents (Both Residential & Commercial)– When representing a client selling or purchasing a home a common stumbling block can be electrical concerns with the home.  In some cases the bank will not approve the mortgage unless the electrical service is upgraded prior to closing.  In other instances, for safety reasons the buyer of the home wants electrical work done to the house prior to them moving in.  McGillicuddy Electrical Services LLC understands the importance of making these improvements in a timely manner to keep your clients happy and to ultimately keep the transaction moving forward!

McGillicuddy Electrical Services LLC can be relied on to offer an expert opinion and to also address all electrical situations.  We remain current with all the applicable laws as they relate to the home (i.e. carbon monoxide, smoke detector requirements…) and can bring a house into compliance BEFORE putting it on the market.

Pool and Thermal Spa Installation Companies – If you’re in the pool and spa business industry you are acutely aware of the numerous electrical code safety restrictions regarding powering your equipment (for good reason). At McGillicuddy Electrical Services LLC we keep up-to-date with the evolving code changes related to pools and spas.  We make sure we know how pools and spas need to be wired and protected (both from a grounding and bonding perspective and from a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter(GFCI) protection perspective). When hiring McGillicuddy Electrical Services LLC you can take comfort in knowing the job will be done properly.

Home Appliance Retailers and Wholesalers: One of the most common hurdles for people when buying new appliances is when they learn that their home doesn’t have the necessary power set-up to accommodate the new appliance.  In many cases, the sale may go smoother if you can provide them with a referral to a trusted electrician who can provide cost estimates for the work that needs to be done.  At McGillicuddy Electrical Services LLC we have vast experience in wiring all types of commercial and residential kitchen equipment (and residential washers and dryers too) and can easily provide written estimates to your prospective customers.  We would love to be your preferred electrician; as you know the customer will remember their entire experience (purchasing and installation) when deciding to recommend you to a friend and/or when they need to buy the next appliance.

Other industries and professionals… There are many professionals that may benefit from having a preferred electrical firm they can consult when necessary.  Please contact us to discuss your needs and learn how McGillicuddy Electrical Services LLC may meet your needs and further enhance your business model.

Did You Know?

McGillicuddy Electrical Services LLC can handle all of your electrical needs, however, we would like to take this opportunity to let you know about some of the not so obvious things we do.
  • Whole House Surge Protection
  • Professionally Installed Landscape Lighting
  • Home Phone & Computer Networking

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