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Dave McGillicuddy

Dave McGillicuddy started McGillicuddy Electrical Services in 2006, a firm that not only provides superior electrical services but superior customer service as well.  Prior to venturing out on his own, Dave was a lead supervisor for an electrical firm that serviced many different facets of the electrical industry:  servicing many commercial buildings and residential homes which enabled Dave to become an expert in these same areas.

Dave’s passion and love for the electrical industry started at a young age having worked many summers as an electrical apprentice and attending and majoring in electricity at a technical high school in Boston. Upon graduation and faced with a struggling economy, especially in the construction industry, he decided to continue his education and obtained a bachelors of science degree in business management at Suffolk University in Boston.

After graduation, Dave spent next 14 years in senior business management roles first at Homan’s Associates, a large retailer of HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) and related supplies.  Dave soon became one of the companies youngest branch managers overseeing millions of dollars in gross revenue, and a large warehouse and distribution facility located in Providence, RI. 

After learning a tremendous amount about the importance of customer service, employee and facility management he decided to leave the industry to pacify his entrepreneurial spirit by joining a small South Shore advertising firm becoming only their 4themployee. No one could have predicted what the next eight years had in store for Dave’s career. Throughout his tenure the firm grew to over 50 employees, peaked with annual gross revenues of over $15 million, and serviced clients like Starwood Hotels Worldwide and Wal-Mart to name a few.  The firm won much industry acclaim and Dave held many instrumental roles and senior positions during this time, ultimately serving as a minority managing partner of the firm.

“This type of growth is something very few people have a chance to experience.  Unfortunately for us the late 90’s rolled in and in what seem to happen almost overnight, the economy slid into a recession due to the dot com burst. That coupled with some poor senior equity partner decisions proved terminal for our firm. I was incredibly humbled, disheartened, and frankly disenchanted by the advertising world.  I was at a crossroads in search of what career would make me happy for the long term.  With the love and full support of my fiancé’ (now wife) I decided to switch careers and return to my first passion, electricity.” recalls Dave.

In 2000, Dave became an electrical apprentice once again and fully immersed himself in the trade and began learning all he could hands-on by day and studied at night in an effort to make up for what he felt was lost time in the field. As the years passed, Dave’s electrical expertise grew at an exponential rate.  He had the opportunity to work on and eventually oversee a very diverse body of electrical projects: small residential jobs, large residential multi-unit projects, commercial development projects, restaurant and retail redevelopment build-outs, as well as large marina power distribution projects.

In November of 2006, armed withover 16,000 hours of hands-on electrical field experience, a Journeyman’s and Masters Electrical License, and once again with the unwavering support of his family he started McGillicuddyElectrical Services, LLC.  “I was determined not to waste my previous business experience and background knowing that if I combined my ‘blue collar’ hands-on electrical skills withsome of my ‘white collar’ business skills I could create a premier and unique electrical services firm that focuses on both the results as well as the client experience.” said McGillicuddy.  This is in fact what he did.

“We all know very talented trades people who do amazing work but whose business practices leave something to be desired, or the opposite where the person is a wonderful business owner who oversees the office a little better than the end product. I saw an enormous opportunity in the marketplace for a company that could deliver on both, and my background uniquely positioned me to successfully deliver on both vital roles.  Today we continue to keep our mission and I’m proud to say that my customers would agree.” says McGillicuddy. 

 McGillicuddy Electrical Services, LLC has enjoyed steady growth despite the challenging economy. Superior technical expertise, strong customer service and utmost professionalism and are the components that make McGillicuddy Electrical Services stand apart from the rest.  When you first meet Dave it doesn’t take long to appreciate his passion for his profession and to see his commitment to providing you the best electrical experience possible.

Mr. McGillicuddy holds a State of Massachusetts Master Electrical license and a Journeyman Electrical license. Dave also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from Suffolk University of Massachusetts, in addition to numerous other trade and OSHA certifications. Dave lives in Braintree, MA with his wife and three young children.

Did You Know?

McGillicuddy Electrical Services LLC can handle all of your electrical needs, however, we would like to take this opportunity to let you know about some of the not so obvious things we do.
  • Whole House Surge Protection
  • Professionally Installed Landscape Lighting
  • Home Phone & Computer Networking

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